Too Weird to Eat?

In this era, food is no longer just a necessity to live: it is something you want to relish and experiment with. And when you have so many options, then why just stick to the dull, everyday choices?

However, the delicacies that we are going to present today will surely take you through a roller coaster of weird experiences. While you might cringe at first, an adventurous part of you will probably want to try them! So, let’s get started with the 5 weirdest food around the world:

1. Baby Mice Wine

While the world continues to invent creative mouse traps to control infestations, the Chinese decided to take three-month-old baby mice, ferment them in wine for a year, and slurp them up as a delicacy. Other than a unique taste of wine, this drink is said to have a lot of health benefits.

2. Shirako, the Sperm of Fish

Why should one waste any part of their food? Well, the Japanese took that imperative very seriously and created a dish called Shirako, which is the sperm of cod or other types of fish. This exotic meal is said to taste like a custardy sweet dessert. So, how about some Shirako after lunch today?

3. Sheep Eyeball Juice

In Mongolia, this is a very popular cure for hangover. Take a glass of tomato juice, blended with vinegar, and with a sheep eyeball carefully placed on top and, voila, you’ve got yourself the magic potion!

4. Live Octopus

South Korean people do not fail to show their daring and adventurous side when it comes to bizarre food. Dead octopus is too bland for them. Instead, many South Koreans prefer a bowl of live, wriggling octopus with a touch of sesame oil.

5. Dried Fried Lizard

Why leave the pesky lizards crawling over the walls of your house? Simply catch them and fry them up with a blend of spices, just like they do in Nicaragua. This dish is considered to be an energy booster and allegedly helps in weight loss. This famous and widely available dish can surely be tried once in a lifetime, no?

So, if you have made it through this article without cringing and would like to take your diet for a wild ride, then all the very best!


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