Story of the Bloody Dreams

As I was walking back home with my heavy school bag over my shoulder, I could not stop thinking about the ten million dreams I have in life!

Yup, I have a lot of dreams. A lot that I want to achieve in life.

In school, my teachers think that I am the best at biology because I aced all the tests in seventh grade. That’s why my dad keeps telling me that I should become a doctor.

But….honestly, I am not interested in biology at all. I don’t think it is my cup of tea to mess with the human physique in general. My dreams are a lot different!

Stars! Planets! Galaxies! These are what fascinate me. Ever since I started studying physics in seventh grade this year, I became obsessed with the chapter of astronomy.

As my interest continued to grow in this field, I started to dream how I want to grow up and become an astronaut and go to space. The more I explored, the more my obsession increased, and the wilder my dreams became.

I found on the internet that Princeton University in the USA has an excellent astronomy program, and I started to dream of going there for higher studies. I heard about NASA and SpaceX, and I started to dream of working there! I saw all the cool things astronauts do, and I started to dream of doing all of that! My eyes literally started to scintillate with all these dreams!

As I kept walking down the empty plot of land, daydreaming about the stars, Princeton, and NASA, I was totally oblivious of the thunderous sound of the fighter plane flying over me. In the next moment, I heard something drop from the sky a few yards ahead of me with a deafening bang, followed by a blinding flash of light.

It was another airstrike in the city. I could feel the burning flames from the rocket explosion eating away at my skin. Right then and there, all my dreams got smeared by blood and came to an end.

Oh! I totally forgot to mention earlier. I am a Palestinian kid. And like many Palestinian kids, my dreams were all suddenly cut short . . . .

*All characters are fictitious. Written in solidarity of the sad demise of innocent souls in Palestine.

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