The Most Dangerous Places on Earth

The Earth can sometimes be a monstrous reality that houses many of the most terrifying and nightmarish places which can kill you in seconds. Today, we will take you through our pick for the five most dangerous places on Earth.

1. The Bloody Lake of Tanzania

Ever heard of a lake that could eat away your skin and flesh within moments if you touch the water? Well, that is Lake Natron in Tanzania! Do not be fooled by the stunning red water of the lake. The beautiful crust is made from an alkaline mineral which is extremely corrosive, with a pH of almost 12! Small animals that come in contact with the lake rarely survive the caustic waters.

2. Death Valley of America

This one is simply a burning grill! Death Valley is a region of the Mojave Desert, in Eastern California. The climate is so hot and dry in this valley that it will dehydrate you in minutes. This patch of the Earth holds the record for the highest ever temperature in the planet – 56 degrees Celsius! You can barely survive over 12 hours without water.

3. Afar Depression of Ethiopia

If the Death Valley is a burning grill, then this one sure is a melting pot! Located in the Afar Depression, Ethiopia, there is an active volcano called Erta Ale. There are two lakes of lava flowing in the vicinity that can melt virtually anything. There are small earthquakes going on continuously in the area because of the volcanic activity. One look of this horrific region can give you nightmare for days, unless the lava melts you first.

4. Volcanic Desert of Africa

This one is almost like the planet Venus! Deserts can dry you down, while volcanoes can burn you. Now, put both together and you have got yourself a legit monster! This is the case with the Danakil Desert in East Africa. The scorching heat can raise temperatures to over 50-degrees Celsius. At the same time, volcanoes and geysers on the ground emit poisonous gases, such as vapors of sulfur. Staying out there for too long will surely make you fatally ill.

5. North Sentinel Island

Humans are their own worst enemies, or so the saying goes. In the case, of this faraway, desolate island, that seems to be exactly the case! North Sentinel Island is a part of the Andaman Islands. The native tribes of the island have been living there for ages, completely cut off from the outside world. The tribal people do not like welcoming outsiders and often get violent with them. There have been reported murders of tourists by tribesmen on this island.

As you can imagine, visiting any of these places can prove fatal. Still, people’s thirst for exploration drives them to these hostile environments. If you are one of the curious explorers, and you are not killed by some alkaline lake or lava, then do let us know how it went!


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