The Most Frightening Stories from Police Officers

Police officer, no doubt, have one of the toughest jobs on this planet. However, little do we know that this job also comes with a lot of frightening surprises! From gory scenes to supernatural encounters, police officers have claimed to have witnessed it all. In this article, we will tell you the scariest incidents that police officers have ever reported.

1. Feral Cemetery

Around Halloween, police received several reports that gravestones in a particular cemetery were being toppled over during the night. A police officer, who was stationed to monitor the area of the cemetery during midnight. He often used binoculars to check on the vicinity. One night, his eyes caught something extremely bizarre – a cat-like creature was walking on its hind legs towards a gravestone! The officer freaked out and headed towards it but did not find anything, except some tracks on the dewy path in that spot.

2. Gory Car Crash

Once during a ferocious police chase of a stolen car, one police officer reported one of the goriest car crash scenes. As the car thieves sped at almost 130 miles per hour through a residential area, they crashed into a wall and died on the spot. As the officer made his way to the car crash, he saw that the driver’s legs were pushed up his body due to the collision. His shin bones were pushed up his mouth straight into his skull. The passenger seemed to be alright at first but once he was pulled out of the car, his body totally caved into itself because of numerous broken bones.

3. Gruesome Scarecrow

The police once received a report from a family that a man was standing in their backyard. As the police arrived and headed into the backyard, they had guns drawn at the man and demanded him to sit down. However, the man was not responding at all. As the officers went closer, they realized the man impaled himself on a fence post. He had robbed a retail store and fled through the neighborhood. As he made his way through this particular household, he tried to jump over the fence but slipped and fell straight into the post where his body got impaled and stuck. Eventually, his own body weight pushed him down the post, and he seemed like a gruesome human scarecrow.

4. “Please help!”

On one occasion, a police station kept getting calls every night for an entire week from an elderly lady who used to virtually whisper out the words “Please help”. However, when the police checked the source of the call, they fount out that it was coming from an empty, abandoned house. The last people living here was a girl who was taking care of her mother suffering from lung cancer.

5. Shifting Deadbolt

A police officer got a call about a man who committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in his backyard. As the officer and his partner tried to the enter the house to investigate, they saw through a narrow opening that both the front and back doors were locked with deadbolts. They were waiting outside for the entry tools to arrive at the scene. While waiting, the officer decided to take another look at the locked door again only to find that the deadbolt has been opened from the inside. The officers went in and searched the entire house but found no one – the deadbolt apparently opened on its own! They came outside, waiting for a relative to arrive on the scene. Soon, they tried to walk back in but the door was again locked from inside, and they noticed through the narrow opening that the deadbolt was again put in place “magically”!

Police officers who work at the wee hours of the night have several terrifying stories up their sleeves. Some are gory, some are scary – but in all of them strange mutates into downright bizarre!


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