Stories From the Bermuda Triangle

Is it aliens abducting innocent travelers? Is it a giant squid pouncing on unaware passers-by? Or is it a strange monstrosity that we have no clue about? Many of us are aware of the bizarre mysteries circling the region notoriously named as The Bermuda Triangle. This area is a triangular patch of the Antarctic Ocean between three points – Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Till date, profusions of ships and aircrafts have gone missing in that area. Neither the vessels nor the reason for their disappearance have ever been found. This has led to numerous conspiracy theories about the area.

In this post, we are listing down some of the most bizarre stories from The Bermuda Triangle that will leave dozens of questions in your mind.

1. The Mysterious Derelict

In 1881, a ship called Ellen Austin was making its way from London to New York when it stumbled upon a mysterious ship that was drifting in the sea. Nothing seemed to be wrong with the ship, except for the missing crew. The captain of Ellen Austin decided to bring the ship with him to New York so he assigned some of his own crew into the unknown ship and asked them to sail it to shore. On the way back, a storm caused the two ships to drift away from one another. After the storm, the captain spotted the unknown ship again, only to find that it was again wandering aimlessly again, and the new crew members he had assigned were gone! He decided to abandon the ship out in the sea for good!

2. Columbus as a Witness

The strange stories of The Bermuda Triangle date as far back as 1492. As reported by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage through the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas, when his ship was in the area currently known as the Bermuda Triangle, Columbus saw that a exploding blaze of fire from an unknown source struck the sea at a distance and then an odd light appeared around that area after a few weeks.

3. Bermuda Triangle to Blame

Despite this ship was not found inside the Bermuda Triangle, the proximity of the incident to the Triangle has caused many to directly attribute the cause of the incident to the deadly region. In 1872, a ship named Mary Celeste was making its way from New York to Genoa when it went missing. Four days later, another ship passing through the area found Mary Celeste but, very strangely, none of the crew were on board, including the captain. The lifeboat was also missing. There were no signs of attack on the ship and the idea of being captured by pirates were dropped because all the valuable items were pretty much intact. Many theories were suggested to be the cause of the incident, including one that the ship had accidently wandered into the Bermuda Triangle! None of the crew members could ever be found.

4. Missing Luxury Yacht

In 1967, two gentlemen sailed there way into the Bermuda Triangle in a luxury yacht as they intended to enjoy the glamorous Christmas lights of Miami. However, as they reached just one mile into the ocean, the coast guard received a report from the yacht that the vessel apparently collided with something and needed help to be pulled back to the shore; but there were no substantial damage. The coastguard arrived to the spot extremely quickly but there was no sign of the yacht. They searched for miles around where the report came from, but the two gentlemen and the yacht could never be found.

5. USS Cyclops

On the day American presiOne of the biggest and most mysterious disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle was that of the USS Cyclops, one of the biggest vessels of the US Navy. In 1918, the giant ship started its journey from Brazil to the US with 309 crew members and 10,800 tons of manganese ore. However, at one point on its way, the ship completely disappeared and there was literally no sign of it. There were numerous official searches in the most minute details but there no sign of either the crew or the ship – they just disappeared in thin air. There was no distress signal from the captain either. The disappearance of the USS Cyclops remains one of the biggest Bermuda Triangle mysteries of all time.

The Bermuda Triangle will definitely remain a huge mystery for all of us. If you ever find yourself wandering across the shore of Miami, Puerto Rico, or Bermuda, make sure to take a peak at the infamous Bermuda Triangle.


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