Salt and Pepper

The innocent eyes of eight-year-old Aisha lit up with excitement as she saw the festivities of Eid starting to unfold at her house. One by one, her two older brothers and her sister arrived to spend their holidays in their small village home together with her and her parents. She was seeing them after six months. Or maybe it was seven. She had lost count. For most of the year, her brothers and sisters lived in the commercial hub of Dhaka for work and barely visited the old village.

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Better Half

A light breeze in the warm Pennsylvanian afternoon greeted my skin with summery freshness. As I strolled through the heart of the university, with my hands casually tucked into my pockets, the deafening silence around the empty campus staggered me.

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Paid in Full

It is never easy to leave your identity behind, especially when you come from a small, suburban town where you are not allowed to dream big. However, in that very town, I mistakenly dreamt of growing…alone.

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