The Sun’s Evil Twin

It’s just like one of those dramatic stories we used to hear back in the days – two twin brothers got lost in a crowd in their childhood only to be reunited again as adults. Our Sun seems to have a similar story. The only difference is that here we are talking about gigantic stars getting lost in the inter-galactic crowd of outer space!

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Story of the Coffee Stains

I put the empty coffee-packet between the pages and kept the book aside. My eyes have become weary of reading incessantly for far too long. I gaze through the curtain-less window at…NOTHING. Just an Autumn downpour tapping on the windowpane with a monotonous cadence. I take a quick peek into my coffee mug. The remaining coffee is as cold and stagnant as my life. Should I have some more coffee? But that will take my leaving from the bed, my amorous bed with an artistically coffee stained bedsheet.

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Creepiest Stories From Reddit

Reddit has always been THE place for people to talk their hearts out without much filter. With creepy stories and strange experiences, this is more so the case. After digging through several threads, we have made our pick for the top five most terrifying and bizarre experiences that people have narrated on Reddit.

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Horror Stories from Chernobyl

On April 26, 1986, one of the most horrifying nuclear disasters of all time took place in Chernobyl, Ukraine which stunned the world forever. At 1:23 AM, the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded, killing many workers on the spot and releasing massive amounts of lethal radiation into the surrounding areas. It is said that at least 100,000 deaths can be linked to the Chernobyl disaster.

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Old Habits Die Hard

“Dad, it’s high time that you quit.”, sighed Tim quietly.

He was getting tired of his father’s obnoxious habit of drinking. Every time he came back home to visit his family, his father’s drinking habit would get on his nerves. Despite having seen his old man in the act since he was a kid, Tim never got used to it.

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Salt and Pepper

The innocent eyes of eight-year-old Aisha lit up with excitement as she saw the festivities of Eid starting to unfold at her house. One by one, her two older brothers and her sister arrived to spend their holidays in their small village home together with her and her parents. She was seeing them after six months. Or maybe it was seven. She had lost count. For most of the year, her brothers and sisters lived in the commercial hub of Dhaka for work and barely visited the old village.

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Better Half

A light breeze in the warm Pennsylvanian afternoon greeted my skin with summery freshness. As I strolled through the heart of the university, with my hands casually tucked into my pockets, the deafening silence around the empty campus staggered me.

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Paid in Full

It is never easy to leave your identity behind, especially when you come from a small, suburban town where you are not allowed to dream big. However, in that very town, I mistakenly dreamt of growing…alone.

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