Creepiest Stories From Reddit

Reddit has always been THE place for people to talk their hearts out without much filter. With creepy stories and strange experiences, this is more so the case. After digging through several threads, we have made our pick for the top five most terrifying and bizarre experiences that people have narrated on Reddit.

1. Sorry, Wrong Number

I was alone in the house. An unknown number called me and when I picked up, I could hear the same T.V. show that I was watching. I kept saying hello and my voice would echo back. I thought it was just one of those broken calls where you hear your mic feedback but what happened next creeped me out.

Right before I put down the phone, I heard a voice whispering “goodbye…goodnight.” I stared at the phone confused of what happened. Then I said hello again… the static and the echo disappeared. it was all quiet then suddenly… “Hi”.

I put down the phone, turned off the T.V. and ran straight to bed.

2. Strange Coincidence

My girl was four at the time and I just explained her a G-rated version of where babies come from. She said, “Oh, I remembered that from when I was in Grandma’s tummy.” I said, “No honey, you were in my tummy, not Grandma’s.” She shook her head and smiled at me as if I didn’t know anything. “No Mommy, I was in Grandma’s tummy first, but I choked and died, and Grandma almost died too, so I had to wait to come back in yours.”

Fifteen years ago, my mother almost died giving birth to a stillborn daughter. The baby had strangled in the cord when she had dropped into birth position. No one in my family has ever spoken of it since. My daughter’s birth date is only three days different from my dead sister’s.

3. One Slithery Stalker

When I was around 14 or 15 years old, my family used to go camping at a state park. Every night, my friend and I would walk through the woods – we called this “the ritual”. One particular night, we decided to walk further into the woods than usual. We had flashlights but we liked to try and navigate through the woods with them turned off. We were about half a mile from the nearest camp site when we heard soft whispering behind us. Obviously, we turned our flashlights on and spun around but did not see anything. So, we kept walking, but we heard it again. This time we stopped and looked around a little before we decided to head back to our campsite. Then, our suddenly caught what was whispering…

It was a lady crawling on the ground muttering random words. She was wearing dark clothes and was covered in dirt. When she noticed that we saw her, she stood up and said that she was looking for her camp site. Then, we ended up walking her back to her campsite and helped find her group. Turned out that she was just super drunk or high and got lost trying to find the bathroom.

4. Humans, right?

My friend and I went to an abandoned hospital. There was a large square staircase spiraling up to the roof on the outside of the building. The steel door at the bottom was locked so the only way up was to climb to the first landing. I climb first and see a sleeping bag with a steak knife next to it. I call down to my friend and say, “uh, we’re definitely not alone here, dude.”

“No, but it’s cool,” says a voice behind me, scaring my wits out. I saw a young dirty homeless-looking guy standing there, coming down the stairs from above, hands up palms out. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”, he said, as I helped my friend climb up.

My friend and I were planning to sit on the roof of the hospital and have a drink, and so, we offered the homeless guy a drink as well which he gladly accepted. Soon, the three of us were chilling together and talking about various topics when he suddenly asked, “You guys are human, right?”


“I hate it when I meet people that end up being aliens, and you never know until you peel their skin off. They’ve been after me a long time, you know, and they don’t stop. Sometimes I think I should just kill everyone to be safe.”

There was an uncomfortable silence, and then I said, “Yeah man, we’re human”. While the guy stood there, totally still and silent, the two of us slowly made our way down the landing and out of that place.

5. The Bloodied Entity

I was driving with some friends at around 2:00 AM on a rainy cold night, along a winding section of road with a steep drop off to the river below on one side. We passed a small pull-off and notice a car with no lights on. As we drove by, we caught a glimpse of the person standing next to it, and as the headlights hit him, we saw that his shirt was covered in blood all down the front. We did not stop at first, but then turned around and drove back slowly. I rolled down my window as we approached, while he just stood there, blood all over his shirt and pants. His car looked fine, so it was not a crash.

Through my cars window, I asked him if he is okay and over the pounding rain and roar of the river below, I heard the most distant and depressed “I’m fine”. It gave me chills and slowly drove off, while my buddy called the cops. About half an hour later, we drove by again and there was an ambulance and a couple of police cars there. Apparently, the guy slit his wrists and was going to jump off into the river…

NOTE: The writers’ words from the original Reddit posts have been slightly altered for correct grammar and syntax.


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